Cross Cultural Communication of BIPA Learners in Program Darmasiswa Indonesia

  • Muhammad Najih Farihanto


Indonesian government hold a program called BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia for Foreign Learners) which aims to internationalize Bahasa Indonesian and hold scholarships named Darmasiswa Program, special scholarships for foreigners who are interested in Bahasa Indonesian. In this study discussed the cross-cultural communication of foreign students at Darmasiswa Program. The purposes of the research are find out the problems of cross-cultural communication experienced by the Darmasiswa students when they lived in Indonesia. The results of the research are the problems of verbal and non-verbal cross-cultural communication. Verbal problems related to language. For example Ukrainian students are very difficult to pronounce words that use the letters ng. While non-verbal problems relate to the symbols that encountered in Indonesia. For example, Chinese students who live close to the mosque are very disturbed by the sound of the Adhan. This research is a qualitative descriptive and using case study. The research subjects were foreign students in the Darmasiswa Program. The objects of the research are the problem of cross-cultural communication of foreign students in the Darmasiswa Program. In this study using interview methods, questionnaires, documents, and direct observation in the process of collecting data.