Satire Politic in the Era of the President Joko Widodo

  • Nunik Hariyanti


The start of reforms in 1998 in Indonesia was a gateway for Indonesian people to be able to communicate their opinions and aspirations freely and openly. This also does not rule out the possibility for the public to be able to express criticism of the ruling government. The presence of political satire brings its own color to the communication process where messages in the form of criticism are packed in the form of humor. Through this research, researchers aim to describe the form of satire politics that occurred in the era of President Joko Widodo, and examine political messages that emerged as a form of criticism of the ruling government. This study uses a type of qualitative content analysis research. Where researchers allocate to self-activity as observers and participants in the form of associating personal experiences, interviews, observations, and interactions to be able to describe related to satire politics in various media. Therefore, this study shows that at present the aspirations and even criticism of the people is not something taboo. The satire politics is part of the democratic system in Indonesia.