Organisational Management Practices in Media Organisation Towards Movie Animation Park Studio

  • Noor Aziah Abdullah


Organisational management practices are an essential aspect of ensuring that the survival of an organisation and this role if not handled wisely will invite critical situations in the organisation. The objective of this paper is to focus on organisational management practices from the perspective of media organisation Movie Animation Park Studio (MAPS), which is the first media organisation in Asia to offer media products in the form of animations to visitors. The focus is on the importance of management and marketing strategy practices from the perspective of media organisations. The method of in-depth interviews was carried out by analysing the opinion of 5 top management MAPS. The findings show that the practice of organisational media management is dynamic and is continuously moving with technology development especially in marketing practices. The sensitivity to the environment, especially the latest developments of competitors, is a crucial element in increasing visitor attractiveness to MAPS. Hence, studies are often conducted on any program that is happening in this country in general and the state of Perak, in particular, to ensure that MAPS is always moving together in every organised program. The introduction of the latest MAPS strategy by introducing the 'Pay Per Ride' model is with the ultimate goal of providing opportunities for every age group of people to enjoy entertainment with the family seen very precisely to set up to be one of Asia's entertainment centres. In conclusion, the practice of organisational media management should always be dynamic to ensure that it is in line with the development of media technology.