The Development of Parallel Test for Measuring Reasoning Proficiency of Student Teachers in Public University

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พิทักษ์ เผือกมี


This research aims to 1) Develop parallel test for measuring Reasoning Proficiency of Student Teachers in Public Universities; and 2) Develop norms to interpret score from Reasoning Proficiency Test of Students Teacher in public universities. The subjects for this study were selected from all the public universities in Thailand consisting of 20,710 student teachers who were studying in the fourth year in the second semester of academic year 2018. Three parallel tests for measuring reasoning proficiency were used as the research instrument and each test contained 20 test items in four-multiple-choice format.

The research result revealed the following:

            Regarding the norms of the parallel tests, the raw scores ranged from 0 to 20 marks, with T scores ranging from T12 to T68. The raw scores ranging from 17 to 20 represented as high scores; the raw scores ranging from 12 to 16 represented as moderate scores; and the raw scores ranging from 0 to 11 represented low scores.

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